60 seconds for know about benefits of mindfulness :

As we learn about what is mindfulness last week, we will now learn about what benefits mindfulness bring. First, mindfulness allows you to be more aware, reduces stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It improves the heart rate variability (HRV), which is a measure of the body’s ability to manage the physiological stress response. Practicing mindfulness Read more about 60 seconds for know about benefits of mindfulness :[…]

60 second for learning how to improve the environment of your office!

Some 45% of workers complained that they have a stressful journey to the office,  according to the British council for offices. The office is a place where workers can spend more time than in their own home! That’s why the environment of your workplace is really important. Based on many studies and reports, the different Read more about 60 second for learning how to improve the environment of your office![…]

How governments are taking into account the Happiness?

  We all want to attain happiness as a personal goal, and each of us have our own way to process. But nowadays, happiness has also an important role in different government policies. For example, Denmark is well known and got the first place in world happiness report! How can a government or an organisation Read more about How governments are taking into account the Happiness?[…]

Wellbeing in the Forest

Nature has always been recognised as having a positive impact on our health. Yet in ‘modern’ times, our connection with nature and forests has arguably been undervalued for its preventative and restorative values for human health and wellbeing. In our societies, stress has become an accepted social norm while pursuing our notions of what defines Read more about Wellbeing in the Forest[…]

Are You Happy or Intelligent?

“Don’t worry, be happy” Bobby McFerrin While McFerrin’s advice sounds encouraging and plausible, recent research findings indicate a possibility of positive relationships between generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), worry, and intelligence. Well, no one wants to feel constantly worried, on the other hand, being intelligent is something most of us desire. So how do they connect Read more about Are You Happy or Intelligent?[…]

5 Fitness and Health Apps That Work

It is the time of new year resolutions and for the next few months fitness centers will effortlessly attract more customers than usual. Such behavior is not surprising in any way – a fresh start is inspiring and motivating, but how often do we fall back to our old ways before March even comes? Only Read more about 5 Fitness and Health Apps That Work[…]

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

The magical holiday time with family gatherings and presents, as you remember it from your childhood, does not give the same feeling anymore for most of us. It gets buried under long work hours – it is the end of the year and deadlines are piling up as fast as ever. After that, we rush Read more about The Most Wonderful Time of The Year[…]

The Bright Side of Stress

Modern times are fast-paced and run on pressure, tension and anxiety. No one argues with the detrimental effects of such mental health state – printed media and internet is booming in regards to the topic, where stress causes and stress management receives a rather explicit attention. Emphasis on the harmful effects in existing research and Read more about The Bright Side of Stress[…]