“Music is a powerful tool in galvanising people around an issue”, – famous singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran said. But could music help us to manage our stress and overcome anxiety? 

Different types of music could influence our brains in non-identical ways. Speed music makes us more energetic; some songs make us sad or nostalgic; calm music helps to relax. 

Sometimes when we feel stressed, we go to YouTube and look for specific music for stress. Other people turn on their favourite music. Is it helpful? 

Two years ago, there was news about ten songs scientifically proven to make people happy. You will find well-known songs in that list, like Dancing Queen, Don’t stop me now, Eye of the tiger and others. 

What is nice is that you can listen to music everywhere: while you are cooking, biking, commuting to the office, working, or studying. 

But when you are stressed, which kind of music do you prefer? Research has demonstrated that music, in addition to standard therapeutic tools, can provide additional benefits for reducing stress, improving emotional well-being and even healing patients being treated for depression. 

The most convenient thing is that you can listen to music anywhere and anytime. For example, you are committing to the office in the morning, but there is a traffic rash, and you will probably be delayed. If you are going to an important meeting, this situation will stress you a lot. But can you do something with traffic, sitting in the bus or car? Maybe, you will feel stressed because of this. You have two options here: continue to be stressed or manage stress. With a few clicks on your smartphone, you are listening to calm music. 

It can be stressful in the work environment when different personalities are in the same space or office politics, and personal issues are compounded by overwhelming work pressures. The workplace is also where people can easily listen to music to be more productive, still focusing on tasks and maintaining mental health. 

So, if you are stressed, you can handle your stress level with music and breathing exercises or meditation. You will manage stress not only in one way but with many things, and it will be more effective. 

Sumondo music is designed to be used while you are working and it will keep you focused and calm while working all day long. This is not the case, if you are listening to Jazz, Rock or Pop music, as you will get tired listening to it after a few hours.

Vishal Sisodia, CEO Sumondo, said that choosing music for the Sumondo app was an essential part in the development process. “Sumondo’s music is based on natural sounds infused with instrumental sound, so it is not boring, which is good for our soul, not just to ears. Our app is clinically tested and approved. Doctors use our app to measure their patient’s stress levels. In Sumondo we went one step ahead and realised that the complexity of stress relieves could have a powerful effect on mental health. More weapons against anxiety and stress you have – the more effectively you will manage your stress.