Some 45% of workers complained that they have a stressful journey to the office,  according to the British council for offices. The office is a place where workers can spend more time than in their own home!

That’s why the environment of your workplace is really important. Based on many studies and reports, the different elements that should be present in the workplaces are:

1-Relaxation place (it can be fitness, sofa, or a space to drink your water, juices, coffee and tea with your colleagues). 

2-A mix between :

      Quiet working place,

      Open space and shared desk place,

      Multimedia meeting room in different size,

      Stand up worker station.

Indeed, an adjustable desk is really important; sitting at a desk for longer than 4 hours a days cause stiffness, back pain & muscular problems. It can disrupt a healthy blood sugar level.

Sir Cary Cooper (Human Spaces report on the global impact of biophysical management) demonstrates that employees working in a natural environment report that their well-being is 15% higher, their productivity increased by 6%, while their overall creativity raised by 15%.

On top of that, it has to be a nice place because it can have a huge impact on your wellbeing at work and daily life. By having an impact on wellbeing, it reduces your stress and that is what Sumondo is wanted to do for you.

Design a workplace that incorporates your brand and promote all the important elements of wellbeing.

Finally, the office must represent the corporate culture and its values.