With Meditation, you balance your mind. It is a great way of mind concentration to deepen your reflection. We stand as straight as possible, we stretch the spinal column, we close our eyes and we concentrate on our breathing. Inhale, exhale. The difference is to stick to that. Meditation is perfect way to reduce stress.


Music is part of our daily lives. However, we do not realize the effect of music on our brain and our body. Listening to some relaxing music before a stressful situation makes it possible to bring our system back to normal more quickly. Studies show that listening music in our daily lives helps to enhance our sense of well-being.


Breathing is something so natural that it’s easy to forget that it can play a role on our health. It allows for better control of our body & mind. Breathing slowly and deeply, for a few minutes per day, greatly reduces stress, but also other negative emotions such as depression.


(Class I) Medically approved and tested.


How it Works

Our experience showed us, that no matter how well your workplace takes care of you, or in which industry you work, no one is immune to work-related stress. Knowing your stress indices every day will make you aware of your stress triggering agents and help you in avoiding them.Using meditation / music / breathing exercise regularly will help in reducing your stress. This stress management features are also available in the app. howitworks

Real Time

Easy To Measure Stress With Bio-feedback

Remote Monitoring

Problem the world is facing

300 million people are affected by stress - World Health Organisation (WHO) 2017 report
By 2020 stress would be the main source of diseases - World Health Organisation (WHO)
45 % persons are under high levels of pressure at work! They are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes - German Research Centre for Environmental Health
€20 billion a year is the cost of work-related stress in the EU countries - EU Commission
35.000 people are absent from work every day in Denmark due to stress - Stressforeningen


Linked to diabetes and heart disease, stress is not to be taken lightly. But with knowledge and a few lifestyle changes, it can be managed.


Anxiety is a general term for those going through nervousness, fear, apprehension and worrying. Severe anxiety can be extremely tiring and can have a serious impact on daily life.


The World Health Organisation characterises depression as one of the most disabling situation in the word. Yet, with the right action and knowledge it can be managed.


It is really user friendly. I particularly like the exercice about the breathing when you  see the lungs, because you have something visual, and it helps you relax actually when you have to do this exercise breathing in and out.

Pia-Lis Jensen Pia-Lis Jensen, Associate Professor at UCC. Nurse

I believe that the technology has serious market potential and benefit.

Thomas J. Howard DTU-MEK Innovation Responsible, Professor at DTU

I think your product is interesting and it has great potential commercial value.

Helene Gustafsson Head of Safety, Effectiveness and Regulatory Affairs, Devices & Primary Packaging at LEO Pharma A/S

The pairing worked perfectly, the app is intuitive and easy to use. I trust that the measurement of my hear rate is accurate and it didn’t seem like the measurements was distorted because of the baby in my belly.

Claudia Petersen (Anthropologist) at Leo Innovation Lab

In general I like the app and daily reminder works well, so that you actually get the stress level measured – and at the same time get some relaxation/meditation done using the regiments.

Mikkel Kofod (Pilot) at Danish Air Force

Managing stress and anxiety is a big issue in psychiatry, especially in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), where therapists try to teach patients how to avoid escalation of symptoms by detecting early signs – i.e. your device could help here.

Jens Ole Pedersen (District Manager, Director) at Philips Healthcare Denmark

 About Us

SUMONDO stands for "Sundheds" and "MONDO" which is "Health World" in English. A digital health care company focusing on stress management product.

Sumondo's mission is to help people around the world to monitor and relieve their day-to-day stress in order to make their lives healthy and more productive.

We prevent chronic stress and treat your stress with mindfulness. Individuals under high levels of pressure at work are 45 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to those experiencing lower stress levels. According to WHO (World Health Organization)  stress would be the main source of diseases by 2020". We are solving #1 problem of our society and while doing that, we are helping them by being happy.


Vishal has worked on glucose monitoring App and blood pressure monitoring solution using smart phone. He has a unique combination of business, high-tech knowledge and entrepreneurship experience. Vishal has background in software engineering and embedded systems at Hughes Software Systems, India, Nokia (India), Intel (Denmark) and Cisco (Denmark). Vishal has done Engineering (Electronics & Communication) from India, Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship (online) from Duke University, USA, Competing on Service as a Medical Device Company from Denmark Technical University (DTU) and Technology Entrepreneurship (Online) from Stanford University, USA.


Per Monberg,

Adviser for Sales

Ex-director Sales & Communication, TimeGruppen

Business development and optimisation at CEO/CMO level, B2B sales and marketing

Thomas J Howard,

Adviser for Research & Development,

DTU-MEK Innovation

Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Søren Keller,

Adviser for Investments

Partner at Sund Capital,

Experience within finance, fundraising, M&A, organizational development, entrepreneurship and business development.

Business administration and commercial law, at The Technical University of Denmark

Anette Clausen,

Adviser at start-ups,

CBS executive HR – Development Consultant & Program Manager

MSc from CBS in Human Resource Management.

Sharon Akler,

Advisor Sales & Marketing,

Sales & Business Development Executive















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