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What are the user’s benefits

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Lack of motion is responsible for some of the life style diseases like diabetes and stress. These diseases happen including obesity you get, because you eat a poor diet and lack of exercise.

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Music is part of our daily lives. However, we do not realize the effect of music on our brain and our body. Listening to some relaxing music before a stressful situation makes it possible to bring our system back to normal more quickly. Studies show that listening music in our daily lives helps to enhance our sense of well-being.

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With Meditation, you balance your mind. It is a great way of mind concentration to deepen your reflection. We stand as straight as possible, we stretch the spinal column, we close our eyes

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Stress measurement

Over the years of research, we have developed a Proactive detection and handling of stress by accurate measurement of heart rate and heart rate variability with a wearable device.

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Treating your body well during recovery phrases is just as important as pushing yourself in the gym, biking or running.

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Breathing is something so natural that it’s easy to forget that it can play a role on our health. It allows for better control of our body & mind. Breathing slowly and deeply, for a few minutes per day, greatly reduces stress,

How it works

1Adjust to heart rate measurement mode on Sumondo band

2Connect band to Sumondo app

3Your stress will be shown on the app

4Treat the stress with exercises

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Problem the world is facing

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300 million
people are affected by stress - World Health Organisation (WHO) 2017 report

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Around seven in 10 adults(72%)
have experienced additional health impacts due to stress

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45 %
persons are under high levels of pressure at work! They are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes - German Research Centre for Environmental Health

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20 billion
a year is the cost of work-related stress in the EU countries - EU Commission

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1 billion
people suffer from anxiety and depression, stated by World happiness report

The common evolution of stress

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Linked to diabetes and heart disease, stress is not to be taken lightly. But with knowledge and a few lifestyle changes, it can be managed.

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Anxiety is a general term for those going through nervousness, fear, apprehension and worrying. Severe anxiety can be extremely tiring and can have a serious impact on daily life.

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The World Health Organisation characterises depression as one of the most disabling situation in the word. Yet, with the right action and knowledge it can be managed.

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