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  1. Vishal Sisodia

    A few years ago, in one moment, I realized that I couldn’t focus on more than one or two things at the time. There were a lot of issues at the same time, a lot of cases. In the end, I couldn’t put it together. There were too many things going on. I was stressed entirely; I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t deal with problems.
    My doctor suggested I try the Sumondo app for measuring and dealing with stress. I wanted to change the situation and said, “Let’s try to deal with this”.
    Using the app taught me that I could control my heart beating by thinking. That was a very significant part of my healing process. I did exercises, focused, and imagined positive situations. It’s essential to understand that stress will not be gone if you sit and wait – it doesn’t change anything.
    I used Sumondo 5 times a week or sometimes one or twice a day. Mostly I did meditation.
    I used the app whenever I felt a heartbeat.
    I would recommend Sumondo to people who feel stressed with some excellent points to it.

  2. Vishal Sisodia

    I’m not profoundly stressed, but everybody in the modern lifestyle has some stress level. For example, when I’m trying to fall asleep and think about the next day’s work. Also, I’m stressed when I realize I’m easily upset about something.
    What I like about Sumondo is that it’s simple to use and has advantageous features.
    I have a reminder which reminds me to measure my stress level every day in the evening. So, I try to measure stress every day. I recommend Sumondo to others because this app is medical grade, and my confidence in it is high.

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