Stress is one of the diseases of this century. Despite some specialists who say that little pressure can be helpful for our body, we want to talk about sleep and stress. How can we improve our sleeping? How to sleep well when you are stressed? 

Stress and sleep are closely linked. Sleep quality and duration can be adversely affected by stress, while insufficient sleep can increase stress levels. Lack of sleep and stress can both adversely affect physical and mental health.

 Sleep deprivation can be caused by stress. When you are constantly alert and unable to sleep, you can have immediate, anxious thoughts during the night. An insufficient amount of sleep can then lead to further stress.

 An important risk factor for insomnia is stress, which causes trouble falling asleep, waking up during the night or waking up too early. A person with insomnia may wake up unrefreshed and feel sleepy the next day. Up to 50% of all adults report insomnia symptoms at some point in their lives.

 But what should we do when we can’t fall asleep because of stress? How to deal with stress on your own?

– Your bedroom should be cold and dark. Don’t work or study in the bedroom.

– If you awake during the night – don’t watch the clock. 

– Avoid caffeine during the second part of the day.

– Avoid alcohol and smoking.

– Activity. Exercise, biking, running – everything is a good idea for being active. You can go for a walk before your sleeping time. 

 Your sleep will be high-quality without stress. You need to handle your stress in the long-term because it will make your mental health stronger. 

Specialists advise a healthy diet, exercise, and spending more time with your friends and family, but we will talk more about one of those pieces of advice – treating your stress. The best option is to know that you are stressed as soon as possible and treat your stress immediately by managing stress. 

Stress management in your smartphone 24/7

Before you manage the stress, you need to know that you are stressed. Sumondo is a solution for managing and treating stress at any time and place. How will you know that you are stressed? We use a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) parameter, the most reliable method for measuring stress Sumondo has algorithms to measure precisely (20 times better than our competitors). On top, we have medical certifications for the Sumondo Pro app. 

We use HRV monitor 24/7 to recognize symptoms of stress, so we will know that you are stressed even when you sleep. 

In your app, you will have detailed feedback about your condition, and then you will use a wellness guide with stress relievers: 

  • Breathing exercises,
  • Music therapy,
  • Guided meditation.

You can listen to music, and do meditation and breathing exercises all day, so your stress level will decrease, and there will be no obstacle between you and your high-quality sleep.