Self-Help: Manage stress and ease anxiety with Sumondo

In these corona times, many are nervous and anxious. It is important not to get self-inflicted, so you get stress and anxiety, because then it becomes even harder to meet the challenges.

Sumondo wants to help anyone (including companies and their all employees) who wants it by providing free access to our app: Sumondo pro.
This app contains mindfulness exercises: Breathing, Music Therapy and Guided Meditation (in English). Doing these exercises – or just one of them – every day can keep your stress down.
Companies can send an email to: with title: Sumondo app for stress

and get instructions on what to do. You will get a code for your employees who then download the app on their iOS phone or Android by phone.

We offer that you can use the app until June 30 – and without binding.

In the mail, please provide company name and address and a contact person.

We look forward to helping you,




Sumondo Team