Stress is a response of your body to the environment to which you belong. Stressor, by which the stress occurs, and its impact vary on a person. Shortly, a stressor for someone could not even affect someone else. Different people suffer from different stressors to a different extent. It is believed most people get stress at their work. And companies are getting aware of it and seek the solutions for better resource efficiency.

Is it always bad?

It is not always harmful to have stress. There are different sorts of stress and some of them are positive and necessary, which motivate you and drive you to the excitement while there are negative ones who are harmful and discouraging you. In the end, they could end up with chronical stress or severe disease.

The correlation between work stress and health
Working long hour has strong causation with a heart problem.
Researchers have found long hours of working has something to do with heart disease, mental health problems, diabetes, etc.


What to do?

Many scholars suggest having your stress-busters. For example, yoga or meditation.
Sumondo provides different stress management solutions – meditation, music, breathing exercise.