Lack of motion is responsible for some of the life style diseases like diabetes and stress. These diseases happen including obesity you get, because you eat a poor diet and lack of exercise. If you smoke and otherwise live unhealthily, you risk getting cancer, cardiovascular disease and possibly blood clots due to high cholesterol. Finally, stress is also a common lifestyle disease that affects many people, both people in work and the unemployed. Stress is a symptom of a state where you do not feel you can live up to its own or others’ expectations. Loneliness is fairly widespread in Nordic countries can also lead to depression.

If we are to prevent lifestyle diseases, to look at what you eat, how much exercise you get and generally on to live healthy and in balance with themselves both physically and mentally. You can get advice about healthier living with their doctor at a dietician and you can join a running club or go to a gym. Exercise is actually one of the best therapies for lifestyle diseases because it can reduce the sugar patient’s need for insulin, the overweight need for obesity surgery, and finally can exercise improve psychological problems like stress and depression.

Some people do too much of these exercises and that could lead to Atrial fibrillation problem.